Sarthak KaluchaSarthak Kalucha is a web developer, blogger and new media professional based in New Delhi, India. He writes at Lughole.net and Digital Filmmaking Blog and offers various web services via this website.

Enough of it in third person. Since I have personally developed this website, let me just talk about myself without feeling awkward. I have been freelancing for about a year and this is my portfolio website. You can also see the various web development and internet marketing services I provide here.

Sarthak Kalucha skillset

Web Development

I develop highly sophisticated websites at reasonable rates. Types of websites I specialize in:

  • Business/Company websites
  • Portfolio sites (including photography, writing etc)
  • Magazine type multi-author sites that require a Content Management System

As mentioned earlier, the above are the types of websites I specialize in. However, as a seasoned programmer I can develop any kind of website.

Most importantly, I now also develop mobile optimized websites based on the adaptive design principle, which means that the website’s resolution will automatically resize according to the size of a user’s mobile/tablet screen. Open sarthakkalucha.com in your mobile browser and see it for yourself!

Internet Marketing Services

I have been providing social media marketing/digital marketing services since February 2011. Please read more about the details and  benefits of my SMM service here. I also provide on-page and off-page SEO services, i.e. optimising a website’s content and meta data for best search engine results. However, I only provide off-page SEO services for a period of 9 months or over for ogranic (natural) growth in a website’s inbound links. Google frowns upon unnatural SEO and downgrade’s a website’s ranking if found indulging in it.

Web Hosting and Domain Email Creation

I provide single and reseller website hosting with 99.7% guaranteed uptime. I also provide domain email creation services for companies or individuals that want email addresses on their own domain. A very popular services in this regard is the installation of Google Apps for Domain service, which allows you to have a custom domain email using the gmail interface and enjoying all the benefits of gmail like gtalk and google plus!